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Alcohol & Medications in Pregnancy Conference

Alcohol & Medications in Pregnancy – Sharing Research Evidence on Recreational & Prescribed Substances Conference Wednesday, 9th – Thursday, 10th September 2015

This subsidized two day conference event is for everyone who is interested in maternal and child health and wellbeing.  The subject of prescribed and unprescribed medications and addiction to alcohol are public health issues that can impact on every member of our society.

This conference intends to raise public and professional knowledge about harm: associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy; stopped prescribed medications during pregnancy.

Researchers in the field will learn more about research methods:  different research approaches (qualitative and quantitative); challenges for researchers trying to obtain the necessary evidence for policy intervention; applying theory into practice; women’s experiences of compliance with medical treatment; psychologists and behavioural researchers will learn about psychological approaches evident in the clinical field from Greece.

The conference will be valuable to medical, midwifery, nursing, psychology and sociology students and in particular those who are keen to learn about research methods from experts in the field.

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