Psychology Research Institute

Research Staff

Peace, Conflict and Equality

Name Job Title
Dr Andrea Campbell Lecturer
Dr Claire Campbell Lecturer in Social Psychology
Professor Christine Liddell Professor & Distinguished Community Fellow
Professor Gillian Robinson Professor, Director of ARK
Dr Victoria Simms Lecturer in Psychology
Professor Maurice Stringer Professor of Psychology - Director, Psychology Research Institute

Psychological Epidemiology and Mental Health

Name Job Title
Professor Gary Adamson Professor, RRG Co-Leader
Dr Cherie Armour Lecturer in Psychology
Professor Brendan Bunting Professor of Psychology
Dr Colette Corry Research Associate
Dr Finola Ferry Research Associate
Dr James Houston Lecturer in Psychology - Mental Health
Dr. John Mallett Lecturer
Dr Jamie Murphy Lecturer
Dr Orla McBride Lecturer in Psychology - Mental Health
Dr Sam Murphy Lecturer
Professor Siobhan O’Neill Professor of Mental Health Sciences
Professor Mark Shevlin Professor of Psychology, RRG Co-leader
Dr Gillian Shorter Lecturer in Clinical and Population Trials Method
Professor Gerry Leavey Director Bamford Centre

Behavioural Neuroscience

Name Job Title
Dr Stephen Gallagher Lecturer
Professor Mickey Keenan Professor of Behaviour Analysis
Dr Kim Eun-Mee Lecturer
Professor Julian Leslie Professor of Psychology
Dr Claire McDowell Lecturer
Dr David Shaw Lecturer

Health and Wellbeing

Name Job Title
Dr Tony Cassidy Lecturer
Dr Kieran Coyle Lecturer, Subject Director
Professor Gerry Leavey Director Bamford Centre
Dr Lynn Dunwoody Lecturer
Dr Gillian Shorter Lecturer in Clinical and Population Trials Method
Dr Edel Ennis Lecturer, Course Director of BSc (Hons) Psychology
Professor Melanie Giles Professor of Psychology - Head of School
Dr Karen Kirby Lecturer, Course Director
Dr Donal McAteer Lecturer
Dr Carol McClenahan Lecturer
Dr Christopher McConville Senior Lecturer, Course Director
Dr Adele McKinney Lecturer
Dr Marian McLaughlin Lecturer
Dr. Rob Millar Lecturer, Course Director of PGDip/MSc Careers Guidance
Dr Liz Simpson Lecturer
Dr Anne Tracey Lecturer