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Dr Katie Liston completed her PhD in sociology at University College Dublin and has worked in the Irish and UK Universities sector since 1998. She joined the University of Ulster in 2008 as part of the teaching and research team in the social sciences of sport. Dr Liston's sporting background includes national and international representation in team sports (Gaelic football, rugby union and football). She was Tournament Director for the UEFA Women's Champions League qualifying round, held for the first time in Northern Ireland in 2010. She is also currently involved in the voluntary sports sector in Northern Ireland and is Chair of the Advisory Board of Amazing Brains NI (Community Interest Company).

Research Interests

Dr Liston's research is situated within the discipline of sociology and is multifaceted. She has published on a range of sports-related topics including sport and gender, pain and injury, media coverage and national identity. She also published within mainstream sociology (on sociological theory), all on topics informed by the figurational sociological research tradition.

Current and planned projects include exploratory studies of sport, gender and ethnicity in Northern Ireland, ‘Irish’ involvement in the British Empire Games as well as on-going collaboration with colleagues on sports development and sports coaching.

External Relationships

  • External Examiner - Newman University (PE and Sports Studies, Single and Joint Hons, 2014-)
  • Research Affiliate of Instituto Superior da Maia, Portugal (2008-2010)
  • External Examiner - University of Worcester (2004-2008)
  • External Examiner - University of Ulster, Jordanstown (2007-2008)
  • Editorial Board Member of Sport in Society
  • Editor, Human Figurations: Long-term perspectives on the human condition (Published by MPublishing)

Teaching Areas

  • Level One: Sport in Society
  • Level Two: Sociology of Sport
  • Level Three/Four: Research Project (Sports Studies), Give Sport a Free Pass?
  • MSc: Course Director for Sports Development and Coaching
  • PhD Supervision: Elizabeth Moreland (2009), Nienke Van der Meij (2015), Elizabeth Annet (2012 to date), Deirdre Nelson (2013), Stephen Bloomer (2013), David Reid (2014)


Recent Publications

Number of items: 38.

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